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Exclusive Interior Design Is Our Philosophy

After receiving Ana her Architecture and Design Degree in 2005 in her country-Venezuela, she moved to the US and began her career in the Interior Design industry in Miami, Florida. The extensive experience gained during this time was the foundation for her design career.

Subsequent phases of her career have expanded her design work beyond private residents and into the world of model homes- designing models from inception to completion. She have worked with builders and their clients across the country including Pryde Family Homes and Standard Pacific Homes to Muller Building and Design, Ocean Drive Development, Kolter Homes and MAG Residential Builders in south Florida.


Her latest jobs includes not only Residential but also Commercial, Hospitality and Corporate Designs which she enjoys every single stage and process from beginning to completion.

"Interior Design is much more than a job to me. It is a passion that drives me to strive for excellence. Each project has unique characteristics and challenges that require creative solutions tailored to meet the needs of the client. There are few things more satisfying than unveiling a design to a client and seeing that look that lets you know you have exceeded their expectations!"

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